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A stylist of 28 years, Kirsten loves to transform her clients' hair with style and color. She's recently returned to Canada from her home in Manchester UK, so she calls a blow out a blow wave and has the most delightful accent! She is best at our traditional hair services, and is a short hair and bob wizard.

You'll find her walking her dog Riley, spending quality time with her two grown sons, socializing with friends, cycling, playing tennis, watching football (soccer) or watching hockey on her time off. 

Stylist Kirsten


Ultra Short to Extra Long

$44 - $120+

Glossing to Solid Color

$75 - $180+

Mini to a Full with Color

$160 - $300+

A modern heavily foiled blonde with some dimension and a slight root.

$165 - $360+

A touch up to an all over lightening service that results in a solid blonde.

$180 - $270+

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