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Jessica graduated from the Esthetics program at  MC College in 2015 and has been with Melange ever since. In this time she has learned so much about the industry's effect on the earth and appreciates the simplicity of clean and natural products and services. This girl is a waxing expert.

Her hobbies and interests include anything and everything crafty, geology and minerology, paleontology, getting outdoors as often as possible, and all things self care. You'll find her attending as many music festivals as possible in the summers.


Jessica grew up right here in Edmonton, in the Ritchie/Hazeldean area and has been in Ellerslie for almost 8 years. She's recently added professional artist to her resume and has an etsy shop!

Esthetician Jessica


Facial to Body

$17 - $88+

Treat Your Skin

$61 - $155+

Spot Treatments to Rituals

$83 - $177+

Express to Vitality

$44 - $83+

Express to a Foot + Leg Ritual

$61- $127+

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