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Passionate about hair and curly hair since a child, Jade is so grateful to have the opportunity to pursue a career in the hair industry! 

When she's hasn't got her hands in some curls, she enjoys baking, gift giving, and time with her family and friends. She loves to go out and experience different places. Jade's dream is to travel and do hair in other countries.

Stylist at Melange, Jade


Ultra Short to Extra Long

$30 - $105+

Glossing to Solid Color

$60 - $140+

Mini to a Full with Color

$155 - $240+

Curl Experience 

Gain confidence with a custom haircut based on your lifestyle and curl pattern, as well as an in depth consultation, treatments, and a hands on styling session. $100+

Painted Curls 

Custom color applied individually to one curl at a time to help accentuate the natural movement of your hair. Also known as Pintura or Curlyage. $210+

Open air painted color on straight hair for natural looking highlights.

$175 - $280+

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