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Elizabeth is one of our new talent stylists and her favorite thing to do is making people feel better about themselves. She is thrilled to be pursuing a career in hairstyling!

When she's not making magic with hair, she's at home watching movies with her kids, going out for dinner, cuddling with her fur babies or shopping.  She collects crystals, and enjoys watching TikToks or scrolling through Instagram as well. Elizabeth is another animal lover with four pets at home!

Stylist Elizabeth


Blow Outs to Bridal Up Styles

$45 - $140+

Contrasting blocks of solid color.


Blonding with a touch of dimension throughout the hair. $140 - $300+

Ultra Short to Extra Long

$35 - $105+

Glossing to Solid Color

$75 - $150+

Mini to a Full with Color

$135 - $260+

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