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Cynthia is one of our newer talent stylists, and she loves to create a big transformation with either a big haircut or a bright color.

Cynthia is a HUGE animal lover with six pets at home. When she's not creating beautiful hair, she's crafting, foraging on nature walks and spending time with her family. She also enjoys seeing a cute dress and then making it for her daughter. Cynthia dreams of visiting the French countryside.

Stylist Cynthia


Modern foil highlighting + blending technique that utilizes your natural root color in combination with intentional depth to allow for a softer grow out.

$110 - $260+

Blow Outs to Bridal Up Styles

$45 - $140+

Ultra Short to Extra Long

$35- $105+

Glossing to Solid Color

$75 - $150+

Mini to a Full with Color

$130 - $260+

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