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Grow with us.


Our Mission

It is our mission to mindfully harmonize guests needs and desires with healthier and greener products and services to ensure that everyone is able to experience their innate beauty.  

Our Culture

We believe in behaving with integrity, accountability, grace and respect. Productive and clear communication is a must around here. We guide with encouraging mentorship to all who choose to work with us.  

Photo of our color dispensary

What We Offer

You can be a different kind of independent hair professional. You don’t have to choose between booth rent or a suite to be an independent artist. We offer freedom with accountability, business support, coaching and unlimited growth.

  • Unlimited Time Off

  • Choose Your Schedule

  • Choose Your Own Rate

  • Your Clients Are Your Clients

  • Choose Your Services

  • Independence With Support

  • Up to 60% Commission

  • No Product Charges

  • Save Yourself the Tax Headache

  • All Backbar Provided

  • No Merchant Fees

Ulimite rwt
  • Increase Your Pricing Anytime

  • Work More or Work Less

  • Business Coaching Provided

  • Open Door Policy

  • Investment and Partnership Opportunities

 appl

please fill out the application below

you may upload a resume if desired

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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