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With more than 25 years in, Angie has been around the block of hairdressing. Starting in 1997, she began in a mall salon (also as a cutting educator) for seven years, then took her business to her home for a few more. The opportunity for the current space came out of nowhere and here we are more than fourteen years later.

Angie is behind the chair on a part-time basis as there is plenty to keep her busy otherwise. With a grade school aged son, a home to care for, a business to grow and team members to coach, there isn't a lot time left to do hair! She specializes in curly hair.

She enjoys gardening and houseplants, spending time with her son and family, making plans for the salon (can you say workaholic?!), crafting, decor, house music and listening to audio books.

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Stylist Owner Angie


Gloss to Full Solid Color

$100 - $150+

Modern foil highlighting + blending technique that utilizes your natural root color in combination with intentional depth to allow for a softer grow out.

$140 - $350+

Curl Experience 

Gain confidence with a custom haircut based on your lifestyle and curl pattern, as well as an in depth consultation, treatments, and a hands on styling session.


Painted Curls 

Custom color applied individually to one curl at a time to help accentuate the natural movement of your hair. Also known as Pintura or Curlyage.


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